Telephone Support

Our operators offer fast and professional service for diagnosing, spare parts identification, scheduling of service intervention, machine maintenance or relocation. Access to this service is available through our worldwide network of Authorized Service Centers or directly through our hotline.



Service Interventions

Despite the preventive measures, it may be necessary to carry out repair work on machines and systems.
C.B.Ferrari’s engineers are highly qualified and provide fast and reliable support, in accordance with the strict guidelines of the quality certification. Service support is available through our worldwide network of Authorized Service Centers or directly through our head office.


Electrospindles Repair and Rebuilt

C.B.FERRARI customers have the great advantage to address their Electro-spindles repair work directly at our headquarter, quickly and cost-effectively.

C.B.FERRARI‘s Electrospindles are sophisticated, extremely accurate, and reliable components. Their production process is handled exclusively by high skilled and trained engineers who have been working on the product for many years at our Mornago’s headquarter. The specialized assembly department works under a specific process control environment, according to the strict ISO9001 certification rules, with the great support of product-specific developed equipment and instruments. This is why the repairing of C.B.FERRARI electrospindles coming from possible failures or collisions, as well as the scheduled rebuilding, should be carried out exclusively by C.B.FERRARI.


Electrospindles replacement

In the event that an Electrospindle needs to be replaced on a machine, C.B.FERRARI offers its customers the following opportunities:

– Temporary replacement of the damaged or rebuilt scheduled unit with an equivalent C.B.FERRARI Electrospindle, given under free loan conditions. C.B.FERRARI carries in-stock replacement units and keeps them at its customer’s disposal on a temporary basis. This allows our customers to continue their scheduled production. The service is available within the European Community and in some non-EU countries.

– Replacement of the damaged or rebuilt scheduled unit with a new or fully rebuilt C.B.Ferrari Electrospindle, at the customer’s choice.


Original spare parts

C.B.Ferrari‘s original spare parts ensure the highest quality and safety standards and are specifically developed for our machines and systems. C.B.Ferrari guarantees the availability of original parts located at the warehouses of its Italian headquarters and its Authorized Service Centers in USA and China. In addition, C.B.Ferrari ensures quick delivery of components, minimizing machine downtime and increasing productivity.


We encourage our customers to avoid hiring unlicensed independent service suppliers, to avoid possible complications, to keep warranty validity, CE compliance, and keep the value of their investment. Use of original spare parts and access to the designs and technical specifications of our products are allowed to authorized personnel only.


CNC Use/Programming

The correct use of machines and systems is the basis for achieving the production efficiency and the quality level C.B.Ferrari customers have become accustomed to. Due in part to specific training courses, held by highly qualified engineers, C.B.Ferrari instructs operators directly on their product through the use of application cases tailored to individual needs.


Preventive maintenance is essential to ensure the reliability of machines and systems. C.B.Ferrari offers training courses where participants learn how to implement the recommended maintenance procedures safely.


Support for applications

From the mathematical model of the workpiece piece to the finished product C.B.Ferrari is able to support its customers in the development of stable and efficient production processes. Due in part to integrated programming tools, technological process, and production software.



Remote Support

Thanks to the teleservice tools and a sophisticated proprietary software that analyzes the behavior of the machine, C.B.Ferrari is able to provide immediate support for any type of issue. In this way, we can solve the problem directly by drastically reducing maintenance costs, or arrange for a fast service intervention.



When machine reliability is a priority, C.B.Ferrari recommends periodic checks to keep track of performance and accuracy.

C.B.Ferrari preventive controls are the ideal tool for being aware of the state of your machines. At the end of the control session, with an average duration of 8 hours for each machine, C.B.Ferrari engineers issue a detailed report suggesting any corrective action to be taken.

Knowing in advance the next service tasks allows customers to schedule the needed activities, preventing unattended machine stops and minimizing costs.