TS35 is a full parametric programming tool. Each token can be either defined in the straightway or from a parameter derived from any other entity. This makes TS35 extremely powerful.


TS35 is able to generate tool paths starting from the indexing cams law, allowing the use of tool diameters significantly different from the rollers diameter, minimizing the deviation from the theoretical shape. Tool wear compensation can be easily adjusted directly by the operator acting on a simple parameter.


    TS35 is a CAM software which is an extended enhanced version of APT (Automatically Programmed Tools). The APT was created at the MIT institute under request of the Aerospace Industry Association in the early days of Numerical Controls. The introduction of three main features made the improvement:
    • definition of the geometry in the 3D form
    • generation of 3D splines with high degree of continuity
    • generation of 3D surfaces
    Those features are strategical for the right definition of the airfoil surface of turbine blades when a 3D native surface is not available. Machining of such complex shapes needs to be as smooth as possible in order to achieve the required surface finish, accuracy and machining efficiency. With TS35 our customers can enjoy an uncomparable tool, featuring advanced manufacturing solutions.