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Third among the exporters and fifth among the producers, Italy is among the undisputed leaders in the international machine tool scenario.

C.B.FERRARI, since 1966, is an active part of this great reality, producing machines, automated systems and turnkey milling and laser solutions, with 3 and 5 axes, widely used by the world’s most advanced manufacturing companies for high-tech machining. All C.B.FERRARI products are made entirely in Italy in the two locations of Mornago (VA) and Modena. The company employs around 170 people and is located in two strategic areas that have made the history of the Italian machine tool, where research, skills and experience have grown over time.

HISTORY 1966-1987

The history of C.B.FERRARI has a long tradition that has been handed down over the years, marking some of the key stages of its growth.

The Company was founded in Mornago (VA) on September 1, 1966 by Renato Bianchi, Giuseppe Ferrari and Augusto Caravati, and focused on the production of small milling machines for punches, matrices and complex details for the industry of molds and precision mechanics.After only 10 years, C.B.FERRARI realizes his first 2-axis rotary table and builds his first 5-axis machine (1976).In the 80s, it starts to grow and expand: in 1984 it founds the CAM software division, releasing its first CAM 3D the following year. In 1987 the new plant in Modena is inaugurated and the following year there is the birth of the first C.B.FERRARI Electro-spindle.

HISTORY 1994-2009

In 1994, the first machine for the production of turbine blades for the energy sector is sold.

Four years later, in 1998, C.B.FERRERI‘s active collaboration with the aircraft engine industry begins thanks to the sale of the first machine for blades in this industry. Also the 2000s are characterized by continuous innovation: from the first machines equipped with linear and torque motors, to the foundation of the Laser division in 2009.

HISTORY 2011-2012

Growing also means changing mentality, adapting to new situations and economic stages, as well as having the capacity to strategically consider aspects that nobody never thought were to influence the development of a company.

This is what C.B.FERRARI has been accomplishing from 2011 till our days, when: – It became part of a prestigious international group, Beijing N°1 Machine Tool, under the coordination of Jingcheng Holding Europe GmbH (2011); – It has created two new air-conditioned and soundproofed rooms respectively for the assembly and testing of the Electro-spindles, introducing the process control (2012)

HISTORY 2015-2016

C.B.FERRARI has expanded its range of products with:

– The development of the laser technology – The he debut of a new machine configuration and a new CAM dedicated to cams processing (2013) – The completion of the “N” Series family with the introduction of the N316 and the N530, the latter among the world’s largest machines for turbine blades (2015-2016) – The realization of a machine for tools sharpening (2016) – The debut of the new “GT” machines series family for molds and precision mechanics sectors (2017)


To underline the change in the way and according to the brand's continuous evolution strategy, in 2017 C.B.Ferrari shows up with a new coordinated image to give more visibility to the company and to its products on the international markets by introducing:

– a new logo that wants to reflect who we are today and symbolize the dynamism of our future, still maintaining a solid foundation in our history – a new slogan, “Italian Excellence since 1966”, which emphasizes the company’s enthusiasm for excellence, in the most typical Italian creativity, underlining an important historical path


To underline the change in the way and according to the brand's continuous evolution strategy, in 2017 C.B.Ferrari shows up with a new coordinated image to give more visibility to the company and to its products on the international markets by introducing:

– A new website that allows all users to stay constantly connected and informed about the company’s news in an efficient, modern and intuitive way – New product design, introduced from the “GT” series, which improves ergonomics and enhances the content, thanks to more modern lines while at the same time preserving its identity.


The know-how acquired in more than 50 years of activity, thanks to an amount of over 4500 installed machines and plants worldwide, in key areas such as aerospace, molds and equipment, medical, automotive, precision mechanics and energy, provides the company with a solid foundation to support customers in the continuous increase in productivity and marginality.   Thanks to the use of the most advanced design, production and quality control technologies, C.B.FERRARI products ensure top performances in the industry.

The development of CAM software and proprietary Process Technology Simulation since 1984 (for applications such as milling of turbine blades, milling and grinding of cams, ablation, cutting and laser welding) combined with the internal production of Electro-Spindles and Turntable, makes C.B.FERRARI a virtually unique reality in the Italian machine tool landscape and puts it on top of the world for machining of turbine blades for aircraft engines and for power generation.   The typically Italian flexibility, creativity, determination and passion, oriented to constant search for innovation, coupled with know-how, courage to accept new challenges and take on the relevant responsibilities, allowed C.B.FERRARI to be chosen by its Customers as a partner for the development of complex turnkey solutions.   Especially in areas where controls are very strict and certifications are indispensable, the company is able to provide the ideal process solution by combining proprietary technologies such as CAM software, milling, ablation, cutting and laser welding, and third-party technologies, assisting the customer throughout the whole after sales phase.


C.B.FERRARI is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company since April 29, 2015. This certification, accredited by DNV GL, further strengthens the company quality policy and commitment to Customers.

The C.B.FERRARI policy is to understand, meet and exceed its customer’s needs and expectations by providing products of the highest possible standards, quality, safety and reliability. The company is constantly committed to improve its products and processes, which is the responsibility of every employee. C.B.FERRARI is certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 for the following activities: – Design, production, sales, installation and after sales service of machine tools. – Stress relieving heat treatment, sandblasting and painting for third parties. – Research, design and software development related CAM products (since July 15, 2016) Download the ISO 9001 certification Download the quality policy


C.B. Ferrari S.r.l. has taken steps to comply with the recent italian legislation on reporting, so-called “whistleblowing” (Legislative Decree No. 24 of March 10, 2023).  

Therefore, two alternative reporting channels have been established that are suitable for sending confidential communications about any violations learned by the whistleblower: 

  • paper letter marked “confidential for the attention of the reporting manager of C.B. Ferrari S.r.l.” to be sent by registered mail to the following address: Via Borgogna 5, 20122, Milan (MI), c/o “Studio Legale Ventimiglia”;
  • request for a direct interview with the reporting manager of C.B. Ferrari S.r.l. using the following telephone line: (+39) 02 3701 1019.



The interview will be set within a reasonable period of time from the request and will be conducted in a protected manner that guarantees the confidentiality of the reporter.

N.B.: Before making the report, it is recommended to read the appropriate procedure, which can be downloaded here.

 Indeed, the procedure contains information that is important for the success of the report, including: 

  • the subject of the violations that can be reported;
  • the persons entitled to report;
  • the measures to protect the reporter and ensure confidentiality;
  • the proper use and operation of the above reporting channels;
  • clarification of who the recipients of the report are and how they will follow up on it.

 In case of failure or serious malfunctioning of the aforementioned internal reporting channels, as well as in the presence of the other conditions detailed in the procedure, reporters may avail themselves of the option to transmit information about violations. 

  • through the reporting channels established by ANAC;
  • through a public disclosure.

 Also with reference to these possibilities, we therefore invite you to carefully review and read the dedicated procedure. 

!! Please note that it is also always possible, and advisable in cases of serious danger to the safety or health of persons, to proceed to make a formal complaint to the competent judicial, administrative or accounting authority in relation to the object of the violation