With the aim of constant innovation, C.B.Ferrari presents MY13 machine model, a futuristic solution to polish blades, the only one in the world able to modify in a controlled way the airfoil geometry and to correct shape errors, along a tool path by axis interpolation (not by pressure).

Thanks to its typical machine tool structure, MY13 can grant a stable and repeatable process on multiple parts; it is possible to mount on the head of the machine multiple tapes (i.e. roughing and finishing) and accessories (i.e. touch probe), to complete the blade polishing in one set up only.

The mathematical axis interpolation, fully developed by C.B.Ferrari, allows the machine to obtain precise and specific blade airfoil profiles, and to correct relevant shape errors, granting very high precision on the parts hardly achievable with machines working by pressure.

Furthermore, the possibility to control the final geometry directly with the tape allows relevant savings with the milling operations, both in terms of cycle time and in terms of tool cost.

This solution has been tested and improved for long time; more than 600.000 blades have already been processed on MY13 machines.

C.B.Ferrari can offer MY13 machine complete with software, also integrated into Flexible manufacturing cells.