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Settori Applicativi Aerospace


C.B.FERRARI has 20 years of experience in providing advanced solutions to aerospace customers and is currently supporting the aviation industry worldwide with state of the art technology in the major programs. The quality of C.B.FERRARI products is recognized by almost all top level aerospace OEMs and their subcontractors around the world, involving complex aero-engine components like […]
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Settori Applicativi Energy


More than 350 C.B.FERRARI machines are currently producing the highest demanding components in the energy industry worldwide, establishing C.B.FERRARI among the best machine tool partners in this industry. Our wide spectrum of products has been especially developed for the processing of various types and sizes of gas turbines compressor blades, steam turbine blades, and vanes. In addition, […]
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Settori Applicativi Precision components

Precision components

C.B.FERRARI has the processes know-how and the application experience across a wide range of parts that help our customers staying ahead in this rapid changing world lowering their costs and increasing their competitive advantage. C.B.FERRARI is the optimal solution for the most complex parts like medical implants and transmission cams, as well as for the so called […]
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Settori Applicativi Dies & Molds

Dies & Molds

The mold & die industry is the traditional field which C.B.FERRARI serves worldwide. C.B.FERRARI innovations in high-speed machines, software and engineering services are key points to help our customers in competing and winning in the global market. Whether you are working with complex shaped molds, molds for micro parts, or medium size injection molds, C.B.FERRARI machines, experience […]
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The fourth industry revolution

Within this context, C.B.Ferrari keep pace with the times harmoniously. As an experienced partner in providing automation solutions, from simple workpiece pallet changers up to complex flexible manufacturing cells, C.B.Ferrari integrates automation, processes and quality control through the “intelligent” configuration of the single machine, the production line or the entire workshop. With the mature thinking […]
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CB Ferrari unveils GT series and more at EMO

Renowned for its very adaptable multi-axis, high-speed, high accuracy machining solutions CB Ferrari has shown for the first time at EMO its new GT1600/2000 machining centres at EMO Hannover .  The GT Series is a high-speed, five-axis machining centre featuring a moving column design with a tilting vertical spindle. This design creates a rigid and […]
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